A bomb defusal map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's 2-versus-2 wingman mode set within an under construction station on London's metropolitan railway.

Aldham East, a station on London's underground network, is the target of a terrorist plot to destroy a long-hidden wartime cache of British artefacts under the platform floor. The SAS special forces unit is on-route to location. This is not a routine mission.

London's underground metropolitan railway network is the oldest in the world. The system, throughout its century-spanning lifetime has seen many a danger and incident, but tonight may be its most critical threat.

Fifteen storeys beneath the streets, within the thick concrete of an under construction station, an organized eastern-European agent is to attempt an attack. Hidden underneath the floors of the Southbound platform lay a deposit of some of the oldest artifacts in British history. First stored in the subterranean cache during the blitz of the Second World War, the relics were stored for safe keeping far underground, protected from any immediate danger - or so they thought.

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Connector Stairs
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Terrorist Approach
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Counter-Terrorist Spawn
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Terrorist Spawn


Featuring a dramatic set of changes made to address player feedback received so far. All aspects of the map have been revisited, with many areas have being majorly reworked to improve gameplay and visuals.

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This level was created as my submission to the Source Engine Discord's 2020 Wingman competition, and was in the works from May through September 2020. Oyster achieved 27th place in the competition, of the 94 stellar entries from a number of map makers in the community.

I'd like to thank everyone for playing, and for giving this map any attention. It's my first project in CS:GO that I've seen right through to the end - and I've certainly learned alot! Special thanks to Aaron, Isaac, Hector, David and Harry for helping with testing as well as giving their honest opinions and listening to me talk about this map all throughout lockdown and beyond.

Please keep safe, look after eachother, and have fun!

All the best,