March Update

24th March 2021

Thank you to everyone that's been playing Oyster on the Mapcore Hub! Your feedback, as well as the overall data, has been huge! This update mainly fixes some of the issues that have arisen so far - but I hope to make some bigger informed changes down the road.

Find a match on the hub here. Also, the EU wingman tournament takes place this weekend, 27-28th March.

Platform: The crate stack at CT-side can no longer be accessed.

Adjustments to clipping.

Crate colours now vary slightly.

Middle: Fixed a pixel walk on scaffolding in the area formerly known as radio.

Middle: Fixed pixel-gaps between props.

Platform: Blocked unintentional line of sight from boosts at T-side.

Platform: Fixed a possible lighting-rig boost.

Platform: Lowered the emergency exit sign to better help with nades, and to prevent obstructing others.

Platform: Moved the CT-side jump-crate father back. This now requires a more skilful and precise jump or a boost.

Platform: Reclipped the near-side wall to prevent some jumps from being blocked.

Prop tweaks.

Train: Once again only fires once per round.

February Update

5th February 2021

First update of 2021! Some much-needed love given to CT spawn, and some all round improvements.

Added a number of additional decals.

Added additional clipping to props.

CT Spawn: Added additional advertisements.

Introduce new ambient sounds and refine soundscapes.

Middle: Added visible surfaces to other side of ticket office at middle.

Platform: Added new lights to upper scaffolding to improve visibility.

Middle: Removed radio from radio.

CT Spawn: Refined out-of-bounds areas at CT-spawn.

CT Spawn: The escalators at CT-spawn are now properly sized and more closely resemble the real thing.

CT Spawn: Two of the escalators are now animated.

Extended clipping on crates and cover.

Fixed a number of possible bomb-stuck spots.

Fixed several lighting glitches.

Middle: Fixed pixel-gap between some props.

Middle: Replaced whiteboard joke.

Platform: Adjusted clipping on slanted props.

Platform: Adjusted cover on bombsite.

Platform: Blocked previously accessible spot on platform scaffolding.

Platform: Fixed pixel-gap between some props.

Platform: Tweaked appearance of dust motes.

Reworked some advertisement graphics.

Several other minor tweaks and fixes.

T Spawn: Adjusted textures.

T Spawn: Closed up visibility between lift scaffolding.

T Spawn: Refined prop and surface clipping.

T Spawn: Reworked and refined lift visuals.

Tweaked palette and presentation of radar.