Change Log 5

11th December 2020

This first post-competition update features a dramatic set of changes made to address player feedback received so far. All aspects of the map have been revisited, with many areas have being majorly reworked to improve gameplay and visuals.

These changes are ongoing, and any feedback you have is much appreciated! Explore these changes through interactive comparisons on the dedicated update page. Have fun!

Added additional effects.

Added additional grenade clipping throughout to simplify and allow more advanced utility usage.

Added new advertisement graphics.

CT Spawn: Added additional cover.

Lift: Added minor decals and details.

Middle: Added further bombsite signage.

Middle: Added minor decals and details.

Platform: Added minor decals and details.

T Spawn: Added additional cover.

T Spawn: Added out of bounds environmental details.

Middle: Removed corner.

Platform: Removed tarp from train-side of scaffolding to improve readability.

CT Spawn: Adjusted spawn points to lessen downtime at the start of round.

CT Spawn: Reworked ceiling visuals.

CT Spawn: Reworked visuals of hoarding at CT/middle.

CT Spawn: Widened scaffolding structure at hoarding.

Cleaned up surface and prop clipping.

Disabled warm-up arenas for now, these will be refined and reintroduced at a later date.

Fixed minor radar misalignment, weighting and added missing details.

Improved visuals and graphical fidelity.

Lift: Blocked possible boost sight line.

Lift: Line of sight towards vending/connector blocked.

Lift: Replaced tape with a much stronger barrier.

Lift: Reworked visuals of scaffolding.

Middle: Fixed prop-gap visual exploits.

Middle: Reworked out of bounds environment.

Platform: Added route to climb scaffolding from the south side.

Platform: Dramatically altered routing and sight-lines across the platform and bombsite after feedback from play tests. (This is a huge and ongoing set of changes, please do let me know your feedback!)

Platform: Replaced and adjusted props to close up unintentional sight lines.

Platform: Reworked structure of scaffolding for more balanced and exciting gameplay in this area.

Platform: Shifted hanging sign to aid and simplify in utility usage.

Platform: The scaffolding floor can now be shot through.

Platform: Tweaked cover by terrorist entrance to clear up key sight lines.

Reworked advertisement models.

T Spawn: Adjusted spawn points to lessen downtime at the start of round.

T Spawn: Entirely reworked environment to improve flow, bot navigation and visuals.

Texture adjustments, replacements and prop tweaks.

The train now once again runs continuously during rounds rather than just at the start.

Tweaked appearance of lighting.

Tweaked radar colours to improve readability and add a royal flare.

Change Log 4

29th September 2020

Fixed minor missing resources